Information about AutoHive.Shop


About Us

AutoHive is a peer to peer marketplace that makes it quick and easy to find used car parts. Our goal is to make it as streamline as possible to post and sell any kind of car part or accessory you may have as well as find the parts you need to get your project rolling. Whether you’re a back-yard mechanic, a budding shop finding your niche or an established shop of any scale, we strive to give everyone the ability to make professional, well-organized listings with the information every customer needs to make an informed purchase.

Our History

After years in the used auto parts sales business, AutoHive was founded out of the frustration of the disorganization of buying and selling car parts online. No one source was doing a good job at marketing or categorizing used car parts. In late 2019 the idea for a robust used automotive parts marketplace was pitched and accepted into a college start up accelerator course by Ben Corwin, a life-long car enthusiast and small parts shop owner. Throughout 2020 AutoHive.Shop was taken from an idea on paper and brought to life in early 2021.

AutoHive.Shop is a Delaware based C Corp.